AGROBULL BOOSTER-SEED is a biostimulant designed to optimize the early stages of crop germination. Its composition allows rapid germination of seeds and growth of strains.

Its formula provides nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, L-amino acids, natural phytohormones, cytokinins, auxins, essential micronutrients and vitamins that increase resistance to stress situations and form a natural barrier in the initial stages of growth against pathogen attacks, increasing the germination rate. It allows a homogeneous and advanced growth of the seeds and enhances the correct development of the crop.

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  • Promotes rooting to the ground.
  • Increase in the viability of inoculated bacteria.
  • Extreme ease in the assimilation of nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Prevents cell desiccation and improves root development.
  • The germination rate of the seeds increases with the consequent increase in production.
  • Initial protection against stress situations (frost, drought, etc.) and pathogen attacks.
  • It promotes stem elongation and enhances the formation of auxins that allow crops to develop easily in the initial stages.
  • Balanced vitamin intake of macronutrients and essential micronutrients to increase growth energy.


The use of AGROBULL BOOSTER-SEED is recommended by direct application to the seeds and / or application to the soil in planting. It can be applied directly to the seed through a container or support that provides a good distribution of the product over the seeds. Mixing can be done manually or by suitable machinery.

It can be applied to seeds treated with inoculants, fungicides and insecticides. It is advisable to add the inoculant, fungicide or insecticide first and then add the product dissolved with water. It is compatible with all types of seeds (wheat, oats, corn, sunflower, soy, etc.) The doses per ton of seeds are shown below.


  • Barley, wheat, rice, oats and rye: 1.5 – 2 L / 10 L water.
  • Corn and sunflower: 3 – 4.5 L / 10 L water.
  • Soy: 2 – 3 L / 10 L water.


  • Barley, wheat, rice, oats, corn, sunflower, rye soybeans: Immediately after sowing until germination between 2 -3 spaced applications (3 – 6 L / Ha).

AGROBULL BOOSTER-SEED can be mixed with most commonly used products, including phytosanitary products. However, it is recommended to do a compatibility test in a small volume before applying any mixture with this product. Once the solution is applied, apply and do not store.

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