AGROBULL AMINO POTASIO is a corrector in deficiencies with a high concentration of potassium, which contains L-amino acids, which increases the efficiency in absorption and translocation in the plant. Potassium is an essential macronutrient to increase the resistance of the plant and enhance its root system.

It also favors the production of glucose and carbohydrates that are essential for the proper development of the crop.

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  • Improves fertilization and fruit set.
  • Prevents cracking, necrosis, deformation of fruits and roots.
  • Improves resistance to stress situations (frost, drought, etc.)
  • Increase the size, color, aroma, flavor and sugar content of the fruits.
  • Increases tissue firmness and optimizes the growth of new roots and shoots.
  • It promotes the development of the pollen tube and regulates the processes of flowering and fruit set.


The use of AGROBULL AMINO POTASIO is recommended when a deficiency correction is required in this nutrient and in crops that depend mainly on sugar mobilization, fruit growth and ripening. This product can be used to treat all deficiency symptoms, either by foliar or root application in any type of crops: horticultural, fruit, citrus, vine, floral, ornamental, etc.


  • Citrus, olive and fruit trees: Between 200 – 400 cc / 100 L of water every 2-3 weeks. Apply 2-3 treatments during the fruit growth phase. 2-3 Treatments prior to color change favor maturation, provided there is control of nitrogen supply.
  • Vegetables: Between 200 – 400 cc / 100 L of water every 2-3 weeks.
  • Vine: Between 200-400 cc / 100 L of water every 2-3 weeks during the berry growth phase.
  • Ornamental: Between 200 – 300 cc / 100 L of water every 7 – 15 days. Apply before flowering.


  • Citrus, olive and fruit trees: Between 25-50 ml / tree every 7-15 days.
  • Vegetables: 10-12 L / Ha. 1-3 times a month to complete 45 L / Ha.
  • Vine: Between 7 – 9.5 L / Ha every week. From the growth of the berries, repeat every 7-15 days, until the color change.

AGROBULL AMINO POTASIO is compatible with most fertilizer and phytosanitary products. However, it is recommended to do a compatibility test in a small volume before applying any mixture with this product.

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