AGROBULL AMINO MANGANESO is a liquid deficiency corrector based on complex manganese, which contains L-amino acids from the synthesis and fermentation of plant extracts. The presence of these amino acids increases the degree of micronutrient penetration, accelerating the correction of the deficiencies detected.

Manganese is one of the elements that contributes most to the functioning of biological processes including photosynthesis, respiration, protein synthesis and nitrogen assimilation. It is also involved in the germination of pollen, the growth of the pollen tube, the cellular elongation at the root and its resistance to pathogens.

Its use is advised when a correction of deficiency in manganese or in demanding manganese crops is required as a preventive measure, such as: citrus, peach, cherry, vine, garlic, beet, carrot, cucumber, pepper, tomato, bean, rose bush, olive grove, onion, corn, lettuce, potato, pome fruit and legumes.

Se aconseja su utilización cuando se requiera una corrección de deficiencia en manganeso o en cultivos exigentes en manganeso como medida preventiva, tales como: cítricos, melocotonero, cerezo, vid, ajo, remolacha, zanahoria, pepino, pimiento, tomate, judía, rosal, olivar, cebolla, maíz, lechuga, patata, frutales de pepita y leguminosas.

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  • Essential in the absorption of phosphorus and magnesium.
  • Participates in the activation of numerous enzymes.
  • It allows to assimilate the nitrates that form the roots.
  • Vital in the green and intense coloration of leaves and fruits.
  • It prevents chlorosis of the leaves by intervening in the synthesis of chlorophyll and the assimilation of CO2 in photosynthesis.


This product can be used to treat all deficiency symptoms, either by foliar or root application in any type of crops: horticultural, fruit, citrus, vine, floral, etc.


  • Horticultural: 500 – 700 cc / 100 L in 3 – 4 applications.
  • Fruit, citrus and vine: 450 – 650 cc / 100 L. In citrus fruits of 2 – 4 applications.
  • Bone and pome fruit trees: 500 – 700 cc / 100 L. From 3 to 4 applications.


  • Fruit, citrus and vine: 400 – 500 cc per plant.
  • Herbaceous Crops: 5 – 7.5 L / Ha.

AGROBULL AMINO MANGANESO is compatible with most fertilizer and phytosanitary products. However, it is recommended to do a compatibility test in a small volume before applying any mixture with this product.

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