AMINOBULL SUPREME is an agricultural biostimulant of vegetable origin with a high concentration of free L-amino acids obtained by synthesis and fermentation of plant extracts that includes in its composition: organic matter, nitrogen, potassium, fulvic acids and natural sugars. It contains vitamins of group B, and a high concentration in Betaine.

This product is characterized by having a high composition in L-amino acids that are capable of facilitating the assimilation and synthesis of proteins, which leads to an increase in the yield of the vegetative development of the crop even though the environmental conditions are not ideal.


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  • Improves Root / Leaf transit.
  • Complexing and transporting action.
  • Activate the growth and development of the crop.
  • Improves and enhances the assimilation of fertilizer mixtures.
  • Increases the resistance and recovery of the plant in situations of stress.
  • Promotes the development of the root system, improving plant nutrition.
  • It facilitates the synthesis of peptides and proteins accelerating the biochemical process of the plant.


The use of AMINOBULL SUPREME is advised throughout the vegetative cycle. It can be applied in transplants, budding, flowering, fruit set or fattening. It is designed to be able to apply at any time of stress (droughts, frost, attacks of pests or pathogens, applications of phytosanitary products, etc.) in which the contribution of its components is needed. It is suitable for any crop variety and type of application.


  • Horticultural: 350 – 450 cc / 100 L and 4 to 6 applications spaced every 15 days, preferably in pre-flowering, fruit set, fattening or stress situations.
  • Fruit, citrus and olive trees: 500 – 700 cc / 100 L in sprouting, fruit set and fattening.
  • Vineyard: 200 – 250 cc / 100 L in sprouting, pre-flowering, setting and 3 weeks before harvest.


  • Horticultural: 8 – 10 L / Ha and 3 to 4 applications spread throughout the cycle.
  • Fruit, citrus and olive trees: 15 – 20 L / Ha and 3 to 4 applications throughout the cycle.
  • Vineyard: 5 – 7.5 L / Ha and 2 to 4 applications throughout the cycle.

AMINOBULL SUPREME is compatible with most fertilizer and phytosanitary products. However, it is recommended to do a compatibility test in a small volume before applying any mixture with this product. It contains L-Amino acids of rapid assimilation that are used in the biological processes of the cultures.

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